August 23, 2007


Shetty, my friend. Captures moving images for feature films and commercials. He also plays the flute, left handed. He is a disciplined and dedicated artist. Quite the opposite of me. I shoot still images for myself. I have no sense of rhythm or beat, and I am terribly lazy, with dubious morals. Shetty and I have one thing in common. We are both fascinated by light. Being a cinematographer, Shetty has to understand the structure and quality of natural light so he can recreate it within a studio. We both agree this is the toughest to achieve. When I met him last, Shetty said he wanted to tell me about a new filter he discovered recently. He left for Bangkok on the ninth of August. We were to meet on the sixteenth, after he completed the last schedule of the feature film he’s shooting. But, Shetty’s missing. He’s lost since the eleventh of August.

Shetty, wherever you are, hope you’re still seeing the light, and discovering something new, everyday.


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