August 24, 2007


Dina left for Bangkok early today morning. In search of our friend Shetty. We tried our best to stop her, she’s going alone and Bangkok isn’t safest place in the world. But that wasn’t our point. Does she have a plan? How is she going to look for Shetty? Contacts? Clues?

Clearly, an instinctive decision conceived by her heart, not the head. Probably, at a time like this, when the collective heads of the Indian embassy and the Thai police have failed to unearth even the smallest of clues about Shetty, a determined little heart might just pull it off.

As much as we grumble about how daft your plan is, we love you Dina, and wish you the best.


8 Responses to “Dina”

  1. Dina Says:

    Sorry, I took a bit of time to respond to this post you’d written on me, this day last year.
    That’s because I came to know about it much later and because I had mixed reactions after reading the post…
    I was angry that you didn’t wait for my permission to put a post about me, up on the net, more so attach my picture alongwith…
    I was upset that you called my plan daft…
    But I also recognized the faith that you had on me…
    And last but not the least, I was very thankful for the luck that you wished for me, which I am sure was instrumental in all that followed.
    But I didn’t know if it was appropriate to react at that time and so I didn’t. That was then.
    Today, it has exactly been a year that I left for Bangkok. I took my time to remember all that happenend at that time.
    I remembered your post too, read it one more time. This time my emotions are under control, which possibly means that I am moving on.
    So, I thought I should respond to your post by saying something, before putting it all behind me.
    And here I am, completely admiring John Lennon for being able to come up with something like the following:
    “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

  2. gudus Says:

    HEy D, first, I want to apologise (late by a year) for putting your picture up. The note was a very personal decision, I saw this space as my diary, never expected anyone of any consequence to our lives to sit and read it. It flowed, my feelings for you and what happened, and this post came into being. It was my naivete that made me add a photo too, plus the fact that I really love the picture. Yet, I guess I should’ve asked, Sorry.

    Second, Thank you, a big one. For being so brave. For remembering, for completing this post, for it lay unfinished, lost. Now that you’ve commented, I feel lighter, and happy that you have moved on…and so can this post.

    If you do wish, I’ll delete this post forever. Let me know

  3. Dina Says:

    What has happened has happened.
    The incident and the post, both.
    The incident has changed everything for me, for better and for worse.
    Finally after a year, I am managing to put it behind me but I can never delete it from my life, can I?
    Probably i’ll never do something like this ever again or maybe I will.
    Probably I’ll never face something like this ever again or may be I will. Who know’s?

    As for this post, you have a choice.
    Do you want to delete it? If so, please go ahead.
    If not, Let it be.
    It won’t make any difference to me now.
    But thanks for the love and the luck. Surely made a difference.

  4. gudus Says:

    Dina, I love you

  5. Dina Says:

    “It matters not
    Who you love
    Where you love
    Why you love
    When you love
    Or how you love
    It matters only that you love.”
    John Lennon

  6. astralwicks Says:

    righto braveheart

  7. Dina Says:

    And here comes Mark David Chapman.

  8. myexpression Says:

    beautiful and brave dina…

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