Sallu Hyderabadi @ Brio

August 27, 2007


Rockstar Sallu bhai is in jail. roti and dal for food, and a cement floor to sleep on. He’ll be stripped of his Lacoste banyan, and given a blanket for comfort. I am sure Salman is terribly confused. He cannot understand why all this is happening to him. I’m not sure he still understands what ‘poaching’ means, besides being something his cook does with eggs.

Anyways, he’ll get bail soon, say goodbye to his convict friends and Jet airways it back to Bombay. I wonder what he will do to celebrate. I’m really curious. Wish I could be a fly on the wall of his home when he returns. Will I watch him screw the daylights out of Kat in a jacuzzi? Drink twenty crates of Corona in a day? Snort a kilo of powder? Stuff himself with all kinds of meat? Shark, fish, mutton, chicken, venison ? All this and more, while he lounges in his Lacoste banyan in the chilled ‘temperature controlled by Daikin’ room at 16 degree centigrade.

‘Twin Blasts Kill 40’ screamed the Sunday morning paper.My parents live in Hyderabad. I’ve been visiting the city on short holidays for over 10 years now. Though I’ve never lived there, I love the place, the people. They are quiet, peace loving, bindaas and cook the best Biryani in the world. Probably the reason why these cowardly choot professional mother fucker terrorist maniacs have targeted them over the last few months. I really hope the cops catch the culprits fast. ‘The explosive substance used in the blasts is Neogel-90, an ammonium nitrate based emulsifier explosives, manufactured in Nagpur by a company named Omni explosives.’ That’s a pretty specific clue.

Sunday Brunch at Brio. Wish I had discovered this earlier, and not on the last Sunday in Bombay before I shift to Delhi.Try and be there by 12 noon. You’ll find enough tables free for you to choose the best. Choose from the pastas, the pizzas or the salads. Go for a chilled shake, or the assam tea? and round it off with a gooey brownie with vanilla and hot chocolate. Catch the 1:45 show of a Bollywood flick at PVR next door. Get home by 5:30, siesta time! Awake by 6:30, tea and muffins (bought at Brio), bathe, leave home by 9 for a cozy get together with friends.

A very fulfilling weekend.


3 Responses to “Sallu Hyderabadi @ Brio”

  1. Ritesh Says:

    The bum is on a break…from everything including shooting…

  2. srikant malladi Says:

    you will get mail and then shadows will stalk you and phones will rattle and then blows will rain…your desrire to be a fly in the wall…to a fly in the soup…SWAT

  3. srikant malladi Says:


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