The wife is bored

March 10, 2008


Someone find her a new life


8 Responses to “The wife is bored”

  1. myexpression Says:


  2. chaubey Says:

    you are responsible!! get her to bombay to recharge batts… you will be permitted to tag along..

  3. astralwicks Says:

    i second chaubey. come over. there is a 3 days holiday from the 20th fri,sat and sun. what are you guys doing?

  4. gudus Says:

    abey sab kuchh mera fault hai na

  5. astralwicks Says:

    can’t debate that but come over dada dude

  6. myexpression Says:

    what is after boredom?

  7. gudus Says:

    utter boredom? death? what do you think

  8. myexpression Says:

    hmmm… rebirth after that probably…

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