Turkey head on

April 3, 2008

I met a Turkish man yesterday. We spoke about Fatih Akin, Varanasi, Mongolia, and Norwegian women. When I asked him, ” So are you Asian or European?” he said, “Good question, because I don’t really know, I feel I’m both.”

Turkey is split, a part of it is in Asia, and the other in Europe. The cut is visible in Istanbul too. A stream divides the two continents, and a signboard beckons each. There is a difference in culture, lifestyle and to an extent, architecture between the two sides. The affluent live in Europe, leaving the lesser for Asia. There is a history.

The government of Turkey obviously want to be a part of Europe, and so does most people, but this is purely a political and economic choice. There is a crisis of identity in the people, they cannot deny the fact that in today’s world of us and them, this and that, they are in reality both.


3 Responses to “Turkey head on”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    ya the same in jamshedpur. the straight mile road divides the city from north to south (could be east to west; but it definitely divides) one side is more affluent than the other although the tide started to change a decade back. local is global.

  2. chaubey Says:

    turkish women are hot.. i’m on their side..

  3. myexpression Says:

    i’m ready to live on the stream 🙂

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