The point of no return

April 22, 2008

It’s happened twice now, I’ve behaved like a complete idiot and let somebody else get away with behaving like a dickhead.

First was at the neighbourhood pan cigarette walla, I gave the guy a fifty rupee note for a pack of cigs, he returned the change in the form of a filthy torn twenty rupee note. I politely asked him to reconsider the note and if possible hand me a better one. the asshole started examining the note like some frickin detective muttering to himself wondering where its torn from, making disgruntled sounds, this cheesed me off to no end, what am i lying?!! keep the change!! and i stormed away. For some reason I had thought, he’ll realise his mistake, call me back, apologise and give me a better note. Ofcourse that never happened. and I never went back to him. Not only did I lose my change, I also lost the closest ciggy walla to my home.

the second incident happened today. I take an auto to work everyday. My office is in an area right next to ‘Batra hospital’, a well know landmark in the city. So when I take an auto I say ‘Batra’. Things are fine, no one says a thing when I turn from in front of Batra and take the auto a hundred metres ahead to my office, and pay the pre decided amount of thirty rupees. But today, what I had secretly been dreading all these days, happened. I paid the guy a fifty rupee note and waited for the twenty rupee change. the auto fucker then says, forty rupees saar this is not batra, and waves a ten rupee note in front of me. I remained calm at first and told him I come here everyday and I know what the rate is, but then the sheer ‘chutiyapanti’ of the fucker to say what he said hit me, and I blew up. I said, keep the fifty you dickhead, you m*fucker, you b*chod and stormed away. Again I kind of expected that the auto choot would suddenly gain nirvana, call me back, apologise and give me my twenty back. Ofcourse that didn’t happen, he just got another passenger and drove away.

Now, it’s not that I don’t care about my money. It hurts. But at the time of conflict, at the point where I lose my head money loses all its value, I am not fighting for that twenty rupee, a basic honesty and a conscience is all I really want. I know its completely insane to expect any change in such people, especially by such means, and I might continue to lose twenty rupees again and again, but maybe next time, i’ll get a bit wiser and take that fifty rupee back before storming away


4 Responses to “The point of no return”

  1. chaubey Says:

    oho gudus! watch it man..and why the f don’t you take your battered jalopy to work.. lazy bum.. its good to have a little bit of disrespect for money but not that much.. next time you feeling generous, call me..

  2. gudus Says:

    lazy bum! batterd jalopy is servicing The Wife.
    so the answer is to stop smoking and drive a car?

  3. chaubey Says:

    ok lazy bong..

  4. myexpression Says:

    all of this sounds so familiar; happens to me very often.

    its better not pay such people; abuse them, fight with them, beat them to pulp; thats what i do most of the times, of course there is a danger of getting beaten up but i guess its worth it.

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