The usual suspects

April 22, 2008

I’ve realised my vocabulary hasn’t grown much in the last ten years or so, when it comes to profanity. Words that can be used during conflict, and not just for jokes. So i’m making a list of all the ‘bad’ words/terms I know and request readers to add to the list, so I can learn, and hopefully so can you.

1. Maaderchod – Mother fucker

2. Bhainchod – Sister fucker

3. Chutiya/Choot – Ass/Donkey, also Cunt

4. Fucker – Fucker

5. Gaandu – Asshole

6. Bhosdike – ?

…guess can’t think of much, will add in the comments as and when I can remember more…please do the same. thanks


4 Responses to “The usual suspects”

  1. chaubey Says:

    along with mc, there’s also teri maa ki choot.. goes well if followed with bhosdike.. if in mumbai please also try aai chi gaand.. not good for dilliwallahs though.. if you like your bihari then betichod is an all time favorite.

  2. gudus Says:

    I like teri maa ki choot, but most likely in Delhi, will get punched in the balls after saying that. yes forgot betichod, thats a classic, can be slipped in without much tongue twisting

  3. myexpression Says:

    my favorites; fucker and asshole for most situation…

    but i also utter words like juglee (politically very incorrect) cockroach and leech for not civilized types.

  4. gudus Says:

    junglee, cockroach, leech, hmmm..cute 🙂

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