May 26, 2008

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An AD for Down to Earth, to be published on World Environment Day. The text is a first draft and has undergone substantial changes, but I still love this version the best.

very addy picture/layout, ‘nyaka’ in bangla. I know, but couldn’t resist the stereotype


6 Responses to “Try”

  1. myexpression Says:

    cliche and stereotypes when done with conviction work the best… i loved the ad’… 🙂

  2. astralwicks Says:

    my ten

    1) ban all vehicular traffic once a week; use cycles
    2) impose congestion tax on vehicles; especially cars
    3) 1 car per family. heavy tax from the the 2nd car onwards
    4) don’t drink soft drinks
    5) think before you buy furniture; furniture means wood; wood means trees
    6) don’t go to malls to buy vegetables; they use a plastic for each item. visit your local grocer with a bag from home.
    7) don’t buy a SUV or a MUV; they are gas guzzlers
    8) quit smoking; there is enough smoke already to kill you and others
    9) become a veggie. meat requires more energy
    10) broaden your mind. it doesn’t matter if you are in a developed country. the melting arctic ice will flood your home too until and unless you are rich enough to afford a house in mars.

  3. gudus Says:

    thanks myexpression!

    @astral, solid list. Thanks.

    Well, here’s what the AD copy finally looked like, I feel its a bit diluted, but simpler, direct and probably more do-able-

    #1) Take a bus and leave your car home. Don’t ever drive an SUV.
    Say no to diesel cars.

    #2) junk bottled water. Demand clean water for all. Insist water–free and as a right–is an entitlement to each person, but agree to pay more
    since you use more.

    #3) Use less water, to discharge less sewage. Think of the polluted river, every time you flush. Insist your colony recycles its waste-water, even reuses it.

    #4) the tiger is beautiful. So are the tribals who co-exist in the habitat. Demand justice for both.

    #5) to make your beautiful home green, harvest rain, use water-saving toilets, segregate garbage and compost kitchen waste. Use CFL bulbs,
    a solar hot water heater.

    #6) impose economic sanctions against the US for rogue climate behaviour.

    #7) do not use any product which uses plastic to pack food or other stuff. This will put pressure on manufacturers to make recyclable packaging.

    #8 ) levy a global ‘greenwash service’ tax on corporates. Make them fully liable for products that damage the environment, today or tomorrow.

    #9) Do not first adopt wasteful and environmentally bad habits and then become green. Think of the last person. Do not first buy processed food and then ask for organic and home-made food. Do not first eat junk food and then go on a diet. Enjoy biodiversity in food and lifestyle. Shun mcWorld.

    #10) Use less of everything that you use in your daily life. Not greed of some,
    but need of all is the only way ahead.

  4. astralwicks Says:

    the number 8 item on my list is the no smoking one…god knows how the emoticon figured there…ghost in the machine.

  5. gudus Says:

    🙂 happened to me too. its because of the ) after the 8, which is 8) if you write it together

  6. astralwicks Says:

    ummm…thats so foolish 8)

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