June 15, 2008

the world through my window is so goddamn beautiful, the first monsoon showers, gradual, steady, persistent. They say its the earliest in the last 100 odd years, the MET office. Who surprisingly have got it spot on this season, consistently.

But I am sick, and sad. Instead of getting wet in the rain with a beer in hand, I am under the towel with steam up my nose.


4 Responses to “Today”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    ya it does look enviable. fortunate that you can look out. i have big iron rails in front of my eyes. take care of those colds due. chyawanprash ever?

  2. anna Says:

    whatever happened to delhi summertime!?
    after the government,
    now the weather gods make it an unrecognizable city.

    to a blurry eyed monsoon,
    get well soon gudu.

  3. gudus Says:

    this summer has been so strange. Rarely, hot, mostly moist, cool. Wonder if we will see snow this winter?

    @anna&astral, thanks, am better, pumped up the antibiotics, i know i know, not good. but works.

  4. myexpression Says:

    hmmm… have some chicken…

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