The day before yesterday

June 17, 2008


6 Responses to “The day before yesterday”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    that day the drenched clip
    looked lifeless
    and now the rope, the rain and the clip

  2. V Says:


    dying to have piping hot samosas after seeing this…

  3. gudus Says:

    hmm..i remember having piping hot khichdi with a tiny dollop of ghee that day. not bad eh?

  4. beylee Says:

    hope you guys have put a clothesline inside.. lovely rains but them clothes won’t dry dammit!

  5. gudus Says:

    beta beylee (how do you pronouce that?), only in bombay have I seen clotheslines INSIDE the house, for lesser cities like mine, we use what is a portable clothes drying stand for such rare rainy days.

  6. V Says:


    janab aisa hai ki barish mein iron karne par kapde sukh jate hein… aur lagta hai aap dadima bukhar se pidit hein… turant ilaj karvayen… mera sujhav hai turant meghdoot padh dale… swasthe labh hoga…

    OMG… whats happening to u…

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