this day last year

June 18, 2008

ok a desire to post, often leads to lazy acts of digging up the past.

Here is what I did on 18th June, 2007:

First stop, village in Bandra. Drunk driver rams into a house in a narrow bylane, seriously injuring a fisherwoman. the second picture was taken with a cellular phone in the ICU of a hospital, while hiding from medical staff and angry family members who were paid off by the drivers’ family so that they didn’t go to the press, therefore I was really not welcome

second stop, saki naka. profile of an ex-dabbawalla who had worked himself into a senior manager at a transport & logistics firm. (heh heh dead on with the job profile)

third stop, santa cruz east police station. raid to uncover fake packaging factory of printer goods.


2 Responses to “this day last year”

  1. anna Says:

    woa! that’s a packed day..

  2. V Says:

    a not so lazy day for the lazy bong…

    BTW how about one picture a day…

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