This day last year II

June 19, 2008

ok ok, just a few more. promise

19th June, 2007

1st stop: Khar, man with leaking roof

2nd stop: khar again, school shuts down suddenly, allegedly because trustees want to build multi storey building in it’s place. Parents attack the principal

3rd stop: bandra, illegal eating joint gets shut down in the morning, resumes functioning by afternoon. hidden cam shot

4th stop: highlight of the day, photo session with the Indian cricket team before they left for the England tour


3 Responses to “This day last year II”

  1. anna Says:

    why illegal? food joint?

  2. gudus Says:

    yeah eating joint with no licence, you might have seen it, a dhaba in a garage, near the end of linking road just after shoppers stop, on the left

  3. V Says:

    man wd leaing roof looks like he is making an intallation wd buckets; theme save water but actually it is save me from water… poor old man… wondering where he must be sleeping…

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