Information Insanity

June 23, 2008

I have developed an interest for maps and data visualization, that is, representing a set of information in a manner that is graphical and easy to comprehend.

While searching for contemporary work in this very specialized field I came across some insane people who have taken their craze for data visualization to a high level of excellence and creativity.

The graphic above, though not so easy to comprehend at first, is an example of how raw data forms patterns and it is for us to recognize them and represent them in the best possible way.

The numbers on the graphic are legends, you can find the full explanation here

Matthew Hurst’s (the creator of the graphic) blog, has some more of the same

Also, go here for total infographic insanity


4 Responses to “Information Insanity”

  1. myexpression Says:

    mind blowing… wow…

  2. anna Says:

    i see it..
    i am but a dot
    in this universe.

    linked yet
    “on the outside looking in…”

  3. gudus Says:

    yes, mind blowing. really
    and there is so much more

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