July 25, 2008

dreaming ?

says my parents

Can’t believe that it hasn’t released in Delhi, or have I missed it? I’m such a loser

I wanted a single colour to theme this cover story.

What is the colour that best represents conflict, resistance? I couldn’t find anything better than Red.

Is this story about the Maoists? the Naxals? or the CPI? No, but it looks like it is. Why? Because its Red.

That was a problem, but not if we chose to ignore it. We did, and went ahead…but it got me thinking

I have learnt that according to hindu mythology, saffron best represents war. But today,you know…

So, visually speaking, the story might be branded Leftist if I use red, and BJP if I use saffron. Think this makes for a deeper discussion on society, civilization, visual representation and its relationship with… but fuck it, read the story


July 9, 2008

OZ was born in 1984.
OZ is a bambino in incognito.
OZ loves Picasso and the Ramones.
OZ works as an illustrator.
OZ means Olimpia Zagnoli.
OZ would like to become a rockstar.

Delightful work


July 8, 2008


Regarding the Torture of Others


July 8, 2008

Our own little nude Maharaja cupid hanging from the tree in this Air India poster by Tomi Ungerer (Graphis Annual – 1971/72)