150 years: Theory of evolution

July 1, 2008

Engrossing read


5 Responses to “150 years: Theory of evolution”

  1. Shivani Says:

    “If it is true, in the words of Darwin contemporary Victor Hugo, that nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come, then perhaps it is also true that nothing is so powerless as an idea whose time has yet to come.”
    True. There are many a reference to time as being all powerful in all cultures, faiths. Nothing will bear fruit till the time is ripe. The fruit will not taste its best till its ripe enough. Your timing has to be right to make a suggestion for it to be accepted, be it at work or home or anywhere. You will not die, no matter what, until its time for you to go. Nothing can keep you back if its time for you to leave the world. Time heals and time deals, its the force that moves the wheel…many a wheel.
    What’s the time… I have to leave now…end of day at office.

  2. astralwicks Says:

    we exist independent of time. time has nothing to do with us. we want time. time doesn’t even know that we exist. it is only our movement that makes us realize time. do. live. go. life.

  3. myexpression Says:


  4. Shivani Says:

    Hmmm…astral…The word is MOMENT then…the right moment.
    myexpression, e=mc2 ?

  5. myexpression Says:

    @ shivani

    e is equal to m c square…
    nothing just ranting… was trying to apply einstien’s theory of energy, mass and velocity to evolution… haven’t reached any conclusion…

    liked the victor hugo ref’… had almost forgotten that he existed…

    i’m at my cynical best…

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