Saul Bass

July 1, 2008

Work from the 1950s to the 1980s


8 Responses to “Saul Bass”

  1. Shivani Says:

    amazing work. beautiful. thanks.

  2. gudus Says:

    🙂 welcome

  3. myexpression Says:

    its not opening on my machine… bhoo bhoo bhoo…

  4. myexpression Says:

    finally saw it… its gr8… gudus keep it up… m loving this long distance art and design class with a difference…

  5. astralwicks Says:

    find something on dante feretti also gudu 🙂

  6. anna Says:

    crazy. is that a navel i see in psychology?

  7. gudus Says:

    yes darling anna, and a very flat abdomen

  8. astralwicks Says:

    i second the crazy bit

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