Cyan-0, Magenta-100, Yellow-100, Black-20

July 19, 2008

I wanted a single colour to theme this cover story.

What is the colour that best represents conflict, resistance? I couldn’t find anything better than Red.

Is this story about the Maoists? the Naxals? or the CPI? No, but it looks like it is. Why? Because its Red.

That was a problem, but not if we chose to ignore it. We did, and went ahead…but it got me thinking

I have learnt that according to hindu mythology, saffron best represents war. But today,you know…

So, visually speaking, the story might be branded Leftist if I use red, and BJP if I use saffron. Think this makes for a deeper discussion on society, civilization, visual representation and its relationship with… but fuck it, read the story


One Response to “Cyan-0, Magenta-100, Yellow-100, Black-20”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    red not because it is commie, because thats the color of blood and commies as well as capis are killers. but blood…

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