Mountain goats are tasty

August 6, 2008

The mountains of Kashmir are quite phenomenal. They don’t soothe you with their beauty and serenity, they simply overwhelm.

We had a fantastic trip. Hectic for the most part, shooting this palace hotel, the grand intercontinental, its huge. In between all the shooting, got pampered like hell.  Had mountain goats and sheep for lunch, dinner and breakfast. With an odd trout thrown in. On the last day we took a break, and a trip to Sonmarg


6 Responses to “Mountain goats are tasty”

  1. myexpression Says:

    yeah its a lovely place… and i love kashmiri mutton … yum yum… trout is also wow, its endangered now…

  2. astralwicks Says:

    all ye non-vegetarians…just kidding…beautiful place. why the *&^%$ are they fighting there?

  3. chaubey Says:

    lucky people.. next time u get a chance, take me along as your camera attendant or something

  4. astralwicks Says:

    one more thing… ‘S’ looks like a Kashmiri

  5. gudus Says:

    chaubey, two things are fixed for the future …one a trip to god’s own country, and another to kashmir…the grand reunion
    astral, have you met many kashmiri’s?

  6. astralwicks Says:

    no very few…some shawl sellers in jamshedpur

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