India Environment Portal

August 11, 2008

Online from today. Managed by the Centre for Science and Environment, and promoted by the National Knowledge Commission.

You have to check out the Topic Tree

(graphic design by Allan Lyngdoh)


5 Responses to “India Environment Portal”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    a big thanks to all of you who actually are doing what you believe in rather than a whole lot of slacktivism. regards.

  2. Rahul Dewan Says:

    the portal’s been developed by us at Srijan 🙂 not much acclaim we’re getting for that, so thought that we should do some self-promotion as well.
    The portals been made by Srijan Technologies. Please come and visit our website at, and our blog at

  3. gudus Says:

    Great work Rahul, I know you’ve been working real hard on it, as has many others too.

  4. Aditya Says:

    design is at the essence of what makes things worthwhile… kudos to allan for the lateral message the graphic displays. good show!!!

    since rahul has already blown his own trumpet, no kudos, either to him or to srijan. or, as was said famously in a rather hilarious american comedy show, “no soup for you”. btw, why is the srijan website such a mish-mash? seems like a brag sheet, with minimal thought to aesthetic. i think the services of allan are much required there…


  5. Prerna Dwivedi Says:

    Srijan’s design is no big deal. I have seen hundred times better websites designed on Drupal. Although the news and other features seem to be getting updated by CSE, I presume, there are hundreds of design problems. Wake up Mr Rahul Dewan and do something quickly if you want the kudos. You are not doing a favour to CSE. CSE could have got better people to do the website for them. Its an honour for you that they have chosen you.

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