August 25, 2008

Once we decided on the paper, needed a new advert. Our earlier ads featured the chlorine-free papers.

The graphic wasn’t as difficult as I imagined, though i do feel I’ve cheated a bit, the folds should have led to inverted text. But there’s that much one can play around with a masthead. Unless you’re NatGeo, or Time

Down to Earth goes recycled, post September 15th


3 Responses to “Subscribe!”

  1. anna Says:

    really neat.
    don’t miss the inverted text, though i know what you mean.
    but would like the text
    or less continous
    depending upon your logo readability.

    love the black common sense at the end.

  2. astralwicks Says:

    black common sense…cute inversion of traditional binaries

  3. gudus Says:

    @anna, thanks. Yes,I felt the need to have the text continuous too…but it required increasing font sizes…and I didn’t try it..I think I will. Lazy bum

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