Under exposed

August 27, 2008

The picture too, yet, I love the frame. Shot at Andheri beach, 2007


7 Responses to “Under exposed”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    under-exposed – the new superhero on the block…er beach!

  2. myexpression Says:

    looks as if the woman is stealing the kid or is about to kill him/her…

  3. astralwicks Says:

    how are you sure that its a woman?

  4. gudus Says:

    Observe the way the finger are placed on the rock…a woman. A probability atleast

  5. anna Says:

    black eagle.
    before flight.

  6. astralwicks Says:

    i can keep the finger like that…and ring…?

  7. megaslimEgo Says:

    Thats Farah Khan, and she’s molesting Shirish

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