Change is good?

September 7, 2008

The Bamboo tree in front of my house has decided to go through a certain metamorphosis. I have searched the net, to figure out what exactly it is trying to do. Shedding old skin, growing a new one? a disease? Is it natural, or forced, due to human proximity? Botanist’s haven’t understood what I am asking them, so I shot these photos to show.They are in the sequence of the change that is happening:

Anyone out there knows?


7 Responses to “Change is good?”

  1. astralwicks Says:

    yellow green to chalk to green. green is good. looks healthy.

  2. Certainly looks good not bad, the new shoots look healthy

  3. myexpression Says:

    its the bamboo leaf that surrounds the trunk is being shed… your plant is healthy… dont worry… just sing raag malhar for the plant every day twice; morning and evening; late in the night play some Japanese flute… the plant would love it… and maybe tie a yellow ribbon around its trunk so that it feels ornamented and loved…

  4. Dina Says:

    Hey, if I am not mistaken this ones a “Ghost Bamboo” shoot. Also referred as “White Bamboo” for obvious reasons.

  5. Dina Says:

    Found the botanical name for you:
    Amoenus is a variety of Dendrocalamus minor. New shoots and culms are heavily covered in white powder, turn pale green, and mature to yellow green with darker stripes.

  6. gudus Says:

    @astral, Uphilldowndale, myexpression, thanks! yes certainly looks good and healthy.

    @dina, wow, thanks a ton for the info. you’ve certainly put my eccentric botany friend to shame…ghost bamboo….cool.

  7. […] The ghost bamboo tree, is now taller than our house. The young tree soaks in the mellow autumn sun at its highest point Posted by gudus Filed in Uncategorized Tags: bamboo, delhi, india, nature, Photography, tree […]

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