Hey, where did we go

October 22, 2008


8 Responses to “Hey, where did we go”

  1. Dina Says:

    Very Romantic.
    I’ve noticed Shivani’s brown eyes.

  2. gudus Says:

    It’s a sad song, kinda…

  3. Dina Says:

    True but it’s romantic enough to take a pause.

  4. astralwicks Says:

    sing it loud to all around
    the girl is sad
    and so is the boy
    at 9 tonight
    there is a dance outside
    the song is slow
    but the heart is not

  5. hootie Says:

    Hey boy ! hey girl ! you need some shiny edm to bring on the love the loves the love the loves.

  6. astralwicks Says:

    eye agreeee babyyyyy

  7. gudus Says:

    ummm..edm? google: electronic direct marketing…Electronic dance music…Electical Discharge Machine…

    need ta ctrl escape reboot

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