April 15, 2009

, originally uploaded by surya sen.

Complexion: Grey
Sex: Male.
DOB August 10, 1977
Height: 5.7 1/2″
Weight: 75kg. When last seen.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown.
Glasses: No
Birth mark: Large nose, small heart



April 15, 2009

, originally uploaded by surya sen.

stood at a single point and shot the entire frame in little bits..approximately a hundred bits. then put them all together…wanted to see if it works (ofcourse it does, its been done before, and mastered too) yet, its different when you try it yourself. Now i want to shoot a 360 degree view and put it together


March 25, 2009


Good or bad, I’m back. It is, as the poster suggests, a hard mix of mostly really old and some new photographs. Have a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/surya_sen

Morning T

March 17, 2009

Posted by ShoZu


Ads for FUNK Sunglasses in Germany, in both versions for guys night and ladies night.

Agency: DDB GERMANY, Berlin, Germany

Art Director: Gabriel Mattar, Johannes Hicks
Illustrator: Craig Zuckerman

Published: June 2008
Awards: Cannes Lions 2008 Outdoor Bronze

via http://streetanatomy.com


January 27, 2009


I held my father’s hand before pushing him into the furnace. That’s the last memory I have of him, a touch.
Sometime near the end, I realised that I have to clutch on to a single memory of him. Yes, there were memories of events, and conversations, and places and people, but over time they fade, there had to be something very particular, and defined, that I could keep forever. I decided to remember how it felt to hold his hand, the warmth of his shawl as he held me in his arms, the prickle of his stubble against my cheek, and the scalding heat of the hand that slapped my face.
Of the five sense we have, i believe the sense of touch is best remembered. Yes we do remember the taste, the smell, the sound too, but often we seem to recognize them when we come across similar senses many years later, but to remember, to imagine, at will, its the touch that remains.


January 16, 2009

Ok, so DTE turned 400 in January. When it began, in 1992, no one gave it more than a few issues to survive…

I joined in 2002, and apart from a year and a bit of break in between, it’s been a fun ride. First a photograper, then a designer. It’s a great place to learn and grow, if you want to.

Our editor has written a piece on why this magazine. Read it if you have the time

Meanwhile, here’s an advert is designed for the 400th issue


and this one’s to announce the launch of the e-magazine, not yet approved, it’s at a ‘beta’ stage, the poster that is:


you must check it out here (incase you cant figure it out, take the mouse to the bottom right corner of the magazine to turn the page), and subscribe too

The old DTE website will soon get a make over too, we’ll be hosting fresh new stories, not found in the print version. So that will be fun. And we have an exhibiton lied up for early Feb. More on that later. All this to celebrate 400 issues of common sense. So celebrate, subscribe, and get others to subscribe 🙂